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ASOS Addresses the Need Of The Fashion Crowd

asos (2)A team from the ASOS Company is assigned and dedicated to make sure that you are part of the growing satisfied clients of the clothing company. As it now distributes and ship worldwide, the demand is not only for ASOS to bring fashion focused products to just about anywhere in the world but also to provide great service alongside its great fashionable items.

ASOS contact number is 0870 280 2370. The availability of customer service is between 8 AM to 8 PM from Mondays to Sunday. These hours are for UK customers. Should you require assistance with any other matter concerning your ASOS orders or purchase, call them. If you have placed an order and would like to cancel or request for returns and refunds, giving them a call is the best option.


Fashion Retailer

ASOS is known as a worldwide retailer of beauty and fashion items online. They are a major company whose target market range from the young adults to those whose taste include trends and styles from recent runways shows and affairs. The global availability of ASOS has made them very popular with the fashion forward people. As a result, they attract more than 100 million customers inquiring, ordering and buying items from all over the world. Because of this, there is an almost equal amount of customer phone calls that they have to attend to.

There are calls for product inquiries, delivery information, tracking of order status, information on upcoming product releases, policies on refunds and returns, rewards and vouchers for frequent buyers. Calls received also includes availability of stocks and technical support. Difficulties in completing the online purchase may be part of technical calls. Other uncommon reasons for calling are being attended too by the ASOS customer service associates who are on stand-by to take your calls.



British Made

A British company specialising in fashion and beauty products geared towards the young adults, ASOS was spelled out before as “As Seen On Screen” fashion forward label. Those with keen eyes for fashion and love to wear the latest trends, acknowledge that ASOS has survived the cutthroat competition of contemporary fashion. The company used the brand name to replicate the trends as being seen in the popular celebrity culture. When ASOS claims popular, this counts the styles worn by Kate Moss and Sienna Miller among others.

It was in 2003 when the company decided to shorten the brand name “As Seen On Screen” into ASOS. It dropped its original meaning and used the uppercase acronym ASOS to capture the mystery and popularity of a celebrity inspired collection.


asos-2-pngASOS Collection

The company has its own collection of fashionable wear, beauty, and accessories. ASOS sells more than 800 worldwide brands while providing customers with choices for menswear, women’s wear, footwear and including jewellery.

The uniqueness of the fashion statement that ASOS provides have made its mark in the business of fashion and in the clothes of consumers who don’t want to get left behind.


ASOS Makes Shopping And Delivery Fast And Safe

me-in-asosASOS makes shopping simple and easy. To even make it better, they have set up the Help area to provide customers with questions an access and assistance. ASOS is available to help 24/7 mostly through online and social media help. One can choose to fill out a form online or use Facebook and Twitter.

It primarily uses its online site to answer ASOS customer service inquiries. You then get a response via email or social media. They are clear that they will not be able to manage a high volume of calls as they do not have a dedicated call centre to do so. Still, if they feel that the quickest way to resolve your problem is by giving you a call, the company will not hesitate to do so. ASOS assures that whichever means of communication will work best for the client in resolving a query, they will do it.

Information Needed

This is the reason the customers are highly encouraged to provide as much information possible to make sure that all details are captured in the online inquiry. Include your email as well in the post or tweet so that you can the reply in writing.

The live chat is also being expanded by ASOS so that more customers can ask and get an answer in real time. When you get online you will be prompted of the live chat availability. ASOS calls them advisers online.

It would be best too to register using your preferred email address both for recording as well as convenience when filling out the form and tracking your order.

Current Status

Frequent questions include the status as being under ‘order processing’. If this is the status then it means that the order has been finalise, packaged, and is getting ready for shipping out.

The order confirmation email will include the timeline from packaging the order to estimated delivery date. Once it has gone out of the warehouse, you will receive another email including the tracking link of the order so you can monitor the progress of the item in transit. This is available if the item was sent using one of the traceable delivery providers of ASOS.

If the item is not delivered on the date specified in the email, you may go online to request for help or assistance.

Tracking The Goods

If the order that was sent out used a provider with a traceable service, the link that was provided in the confirmation email is clickable. It will open in a separate browser so you can see the current status of where the package is. It will always reflect the most updated information.

On some Standard Delivery and on all Express Delivery, tracking is available.

asos (1)Delivery Receipt

When delivery comes, it is preferred that the one who made the order be present so that a signature will reflect in the delivery receipt. If not, don’t worry; the carrier will try couple of times to redeliver the package. In some instances, they will leave you a note that they left it with a neighbour, or a safe area, or when the re – delivery will most likely happen so that you can schedule properly. It can also happen that there will be details for you to pick it up instead.

Deliveries are done during normal business hours. It is recommended that the delivery address is where the chances of having a person around to accept the delivery is high. Again, it is better that it is received on the first try rather than requesting for a re – delivery date.

The order will be sent out using the most suitable delivery provider given the size and weight of your order.